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Feed your child's Mind 
Intellectually, artistically, and spiritually

Feed your child's Mind 
Intellectually, artistically, and spiritually


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Stimulation and Preparation


 We not only offer a wide range of activities that stimulate and prepare children for school, but we also ensure that our tiniest little ones are getting the exposure and exercise they need to hit developmental milestones. We believe that stimulation at each stage of life is vital to help our little friends thrive and flourish.

Our Philosophy


  We believe that each child is a precious reward and a gift from God (Psalm 127:3). We are stewards of these children's growth and development, and we believe that a combination of daily spiritual habits, exploration and peaking of their curiosity, instilling self-confidence, and pouring love into each child will contribute to maximizing their potential and setting them up for long term success in various areas of life.  

Healthy Meals


We provide wholesome, well-balanced meals that set the stage for a broad palate and a healthy lifestyle. This allows you, as the parent, to focus on spending time with your child when you are at home instead of being in the kitchen. You can rest easy knowing that your child is having a nutritious meal while they are in our care.